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Q&A with ABBI Australia Member Scott Maynes


1)  How/when did you get into the bucking bull business?

I’ve always had a passion for bulls.  I rode bulls when I was young and always had a practice bull or two.  When I became too old to ride I began getting more serious about them and have been breeding them ever since.

2)   Why did you decide to bring in American bloodlines into your herd? Had you done anything with U.S. contractors before working with the Pages?

I travel back and forth to the U.S. quite a lot and have had exposure to other bull operations.  The style of the calves in America is to get off the ground and break over with lots of extension in their kick.  My bulls have lots of aggression and turn back, but not those higher level skills.  I’m trying to improve my herd and incorporate some of the vertical kick and extension qualities into my bulls. 

HD and I used to ride bulls together and were friends, we have kept in touch over the years and I visit his place regularly.  I have bought cattle from him previously and always been happy.  Currently one of my favourites that I have at his place is a son of Bruiser out of a Crazy Train cow. 

3)   Why did you pick the D&H bloodline?

As mentioned above, HD and I have been friends for a long time and I am impressed by the quality of their cattle.  HD brings the best out of them as well with his natural instinct and patience with young bulls.   The D&H bulls are of a high calibre at a young age with their success at ABBI events a testament to that.

 4)  If you could own any bull, past or present, who would it be?

 Without a doubt 32Y Bruiser.  He is the total package - his nature, athletic ability with lots of kick and extension, personality, and  he is so good to handle that you can even can wash him.  I am excited to have some of his genetics, as already mentioned,  I have a bull by him out of a Crazy Train cow.

5)  Do you think sire or dam is more important (or what % of importance do you give to each) in making a bucker?

In my opinion, both sides are important, but it depends on the individuals.  Some bulls are very dominant in their breeding and their influence is obvious, however, some females have very dominating traits.  I think some combinations are trial and error, but if you have the opportunity, it needs to be the best quality you can obtain on both sides.   It also really depends on what type of a bucker you are trying it breed.  Some young bulls are not competitive in the futurity arena, but develop into rank bulls after they mature.

6)  What are your goals for this year? Five years from now?

I’m always trying to improve my herd and so excited about the ABBI coming to Australia.  I think it is the greatest advancement the bull breeding industry to happen in this country.  I am thankful that the ABBI has provided this opportunity for cattle to be documented and their genetics verified for their parentage .  The goal over the next five years is to have my entire herd registered and incorporate some U.S. bloodlines to obtain the traits I am seeking.

7)      What do you think the biggest difference is between Australian and U.S. bucking bulls?

In my opinion, I can only speak for my own herd, but we have a lot of catching up to do.  As already mentioned, most of the bulls in Australia are at their peak at a more mature age than in the U.S.   There is a huge difference in how bulls are prepared with much more work going into bulls at a younger age and having them ready for events (physically, nutritionally, mentally, etc) in the U.S.   The events and the cattle quality will improve with the ABBI coming to Australia, as already there are incentives starting to happen with PBR events offering awards for bulls with registration.   This also allows for cattle to be bought and sold with a guarantee on how they are bred.  I am really optimistic about the future of our industry due to these opportunities.


 HILLBILLY DELUXE- the 2016 PBR Australia bucking bull of the year ( sired by Little Yellow Jacket).


 The Maynes Family


Buddies Scott Maynes and HD Page at the World Finals


Some of the Maynes Herd in Australia:



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