The Revolution



American Bucking Bull Inc. (ABBI) has started the Revolution! This exciting new program for bucking bulls is 95% payback with an estimated total of $1.8 million in prize money.  

 ABBI understands that there's is no sport on earth quite like bull riding and no animal athlete as exciting to watch compete as a bucking bull.  In that spirit, ABBI is proud to introduce the Revolution. This program will provide Futurity events for nominated animals throughout their 2-year-old year and culminate in a Derby (and optional sale) when they are 3. 

 It’s easy to join, just opt into the Revolution when your animal is birth- year registered for an additional $10. If  you have already registered your 2017 bull calf, just call the office to add on the Revolution. As long as all payments are made, the nominated animal is eligible for all of the Revolution events:

 * Total commitment for the Revolution is $5,260 per bull 

*7 Regular Season Revolution Futurity Events (optional, entry fee is $500 per event with 100% payback)

*Revolution Futurity Finals

* Revolution Derby

 The 7 regular season Revolution events will be held in conjunction with select ABBI Futurity events. These events are optional, but with 100% payback it’s a great way to maximize  your animal’s earning potential. There will also be an additional year-end payout for the best average scores for the bulls who have competed in at least 5 of the regular season Revolution events. The Revolution is designed to benefit and reward as many nominees as possible.

 The Finals alone have an estimated $1.1 million purse,  which means at the Revolution Futurity Finals:

*17 bulls make over $30K

*10 bulls make over $50K

*6 bulls make over  $75K

*4 bulls make over  $100K

*2 bulls make over $150K

*1 bull makes over $250K

 This example is based on an estimated 75% participation of birth-year bulls and an end model of 100 bulls participating through the final payment, with first place claiming $279,000 at the Revolution Futurity Finals. The more bulls that are nominated and participate, the more money there is to be won!

 There will also be a Limited Class at the Revolution Futurity Finals for those animals who have attended at least 3 Revolution events and have never scored more than 85. Based on the 100 bull model, the Limited Champion would win over $100,000. The Revolution cycle will conclude with a Revolution Derby held during the summer of the animals 3-year-old year. 

 Nothing compares to seeing that first spark of potential in your bucking bull. The anticipation of seeing what raw talent and select bloodlines can develop into is a thrill that is unparalleled for most stock contractors. This was the inspiration behind ABBI's ground-breaking and lucrative American Heritage system and the inspiration for the Revolution.  We hope you will participate in the Revolution and can benefit from this dynamic new program.

 You can view our informational booklet here:


*Complete rules and guidelines will be published Nov. 13, 2017. 

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