New Bull Stats Now in Registration Records

Improvements to Animal Database Announced




ABBI announced that they have improved their animal database with the addition of performance results. ABBI members now have competition information for each of their registered animals who have participated in events.


Now, when each animal's record is pulled up, there is an earnings tab. When clicked, this tab displays what events the animal has competed at, how he placed and the money won.

"We value what our members have been asking for and we realize the importance of what this information adds to their individual breeding programs" said ABBI Executive Director Jay Daugherty. "For us to be able to show our members how each of their animals has done at events in our ABBI website database allows them to track their career earnings, as well as their success at competitions. This is a great addition to our system." 


Each ABBI member will be able to access their own inventory. Premier and Lifetime members are able to search the complete inventory of 170,000 animals and look at any animal's earnings. 


Marlissa Gonzalez, Sr. Registration Manager has been working on the project for over two years. "It is still a work in progress as we go through older event records, but we will continue to add event earnings and other information that will aid our members when making decisions regarding their breeding programs."


Each page will show a maximum of 12 records and users can sort by any of the columns. The default order is descending based on event date.


Earnings are all ABBI unless stated otherwise; with plans to incorporate winnings from as many other major organizations as possible in the future.



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