ABBI Stock Contractors Step Up to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

ABBI Stock Contractors Step Up to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims


 PUEBLO, Colo. (Sept. 29, 2017)-The Cole Family in Lumberton, Texas is starting over. After losing their home, vehicles and nearly their all personal belongings to the flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey, Adam and Heather Cole know they have a long road in front of them. After being rescued by the military, all they really had left were the clothes on their backs.


Cort Richards and Brandon Stewart knew this family needed help- and they knew they could count on fellow stock contractors and the bucking bull community to come to their aid. When the call went out for items for an auction to benefit the Coles, the response was overwhelming and heartwarming. 


“I’m not surprised by the response of our stock contractors,” said ABBI Executive Director Jay Daugherty. “Our members always come together to help others in need and, in light of this being perhaps the worst natural disaster in US history, they wanted to be able to significantly help a family in need. Their donations of bucking bull genetics was a wonderful way to contribute to the Coles getting back on their feet.”


Ultimately over $20,000 was raised for Heather and Adam Cole. Richards has worked with Adam for over 15 years. “This  man is one of the most honest and hardest working individuals I’ve ever known,” said Richards. “Over the last 40 years he truly has worked for everything he had- and it was all taken away from him by the floods within a couple days.  I couldn't think of anyone more deserving for aid from our bull community.” 


D&H,  Dakota Rodeo, Toby Floyd, Lone Star, Ace of Spades, TM Cattle Co., 01 Cattle Co., Phenom Genetics, BS Cattle Co., Sonny Barthold, JAPBT and Mesa Pate were among the stock contractors who donated genetics to the charity auction, 


The straws of semen donated included those from past and present PBR and ABBI superstars like Mossy Oak Mudslinger, Pearl Harbor, Asteroid, Air Time, Inferno, Magic Train, After Midnight, Margy Time, Sure Fire, Pit Boss, Flyin’ Train, Brutus, High Tensile, Hou's Back and Wild Child.

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