ABBI Stock Contractors Join Together to Support US Military through Boots for Troops Event

Silvano Alves Event Comes to Allen, Texas on August 6


The Silvano Alves Challenge Benefiting Boots For Troops is right around the corner and, although every Professional Bull Riders (PBR) and American Bucking Bull Inc.(ABBI) event is unique, this one in Allen, Texas is truly special.

 Boots For Troops was started several years ago by Jimmy Rogers who was inspired by his own experiences serving in the US Navy and seeing how care packages boosted morale. Boots for Troops now puts together care packages for US military members deployed overseas. Unlike some other organizations, Boots For Troops customizes each care package for the individual recipient. This insures that they get items they truly need and want- including a new pair of boots.

 "We are thrilled to get to be a part of this event," said ABBI Executive Director Jay Daugherty. "It's heartwarming to see the support and enthusiasm our stock contractors, members, fans and the bull riders have for this event, which gives back to our US service members. It's incredible how everyone has come together to make it all possible."

 Two of the sponsors of the August 6th event are Goetz Realty & Development and Eric L. Davis Engineering. The families behind these companies aren't just strong supporters of an event that benefits a great cause, they are also actively involved in the bucking bull industry.

 Jon Goetz is the owner of Goetz Realty & Development out of Gunter, Texas. Goetz is co-producing the Silvano Alves Challenge Benefiting Boots For Troops, along with Swinging C Cattle. Goetz also added $10,000 bonus money for the ABBI Classic competition part of the event.

 "I'd been a PBR fan for the last 15 years. I always knew at some point I'd be involved with the sport, but I wasn't sure how," shared Goetz. "At the start, I didn't have the capital and I don’t have a rodeo background- but I knew someday I'd find a way to get involved."

 Goetz appreciated the athleticism of the cowboys, but was always more fascinated with the animal athletes. "The ballet of bull riding is what gets to me. I was the guy that went to events like Iron Cowboy in Arlington every year (for the PBR Iron Cowboy) and buys a ticket behind the chutes so I can look at the bulls."

  When Goetz was at a place in his life where he could get into the industry, he went and toured several ranches and met with stock contractors- but nothing felt right until he met Casey and Lisa Cox, whose Swinging C Ranch is just 20 minutes from the Goetz home.

 After his first visit with the couple, he knew he had found the right fit to get involved in the bucking bull business. He put a deposit down on their entire yearling herd that same day and they became partners. “We have been allowed to live a dream thanks to Casey and Lisa Cox,” said Goetz. Although his true passion is for the bucking bulls, Goetz has also gotten involved on the cowboy side sponsoring Top 50 PBR cowboy Tye Chandler.

 "A few months after I bought into the yearlings,” recalled Goetz, “I said to the Coxes, 'Let's put on an event!' Casey had been thinking of doing one, so it just felt right, and that's how doing this event to benefit Boots for Troops came about."

 Goetz believes there is a large fan base of people in the North Dallas Metro area who are huge PBR fans but, aside from a few events in Dallas and Fort Worth, these folks don't really get an opportunity to see the action close-up.

 "There are so many people like me around here who are fans and I'm really excited that we can bring an event to our community." Goetz also hopes his story will help inspire other families and fans who want to get into the bull business.

 Jon's wife Natalie has competed in the Ladies Futurity division of ABBI and their son Garrin has placed at both the Gonzales and Stephenville Junior Futurity events. Their other children Weston and Landyn are too young to compete yet, but will probably try their hand at the junior events when the time comes.

 "You don't have to have a ranch or come from that background to get involved," Goetz stressed. "You just have to have a passion for it. It's certainly nice to earn a prize check (at an ABBI event) but I am doing this for the enjoyment. My whole family has gotten involved. I never dreamed I'd see my wife flanking a bull in Gonzales!"

 Eric Davis owns Eric L. Davis Engineering, Inc. which is headquartered in Forney, Texas. He has raised commercial cattle for years, but has always been interested in bucking cattle and rough stock. Davis has put up a $5,000 incentive to be equally divided between the top two scoring ABBI Classic bulls that compete at both the Allen and Tulsa ABBI Classics.

 "We were also big PBR Fans who would go to Arlington each year, but we also didn't grow up in the industry," said Davis. Last September the Davis family decided to actively pursue their bucking bull passion and bought some cows from Gina Graham and Brent Gluck in Stephenville, Texas.

 "The original plan was to start with some cows and get our own herd going, but we saw a young bull Gina had and ultimately took him too," recalled Davis with a chuckle.

 That bull was a Bushwacker grandson and Davis knew he'd need someone to train and haul the bull who lived closer to his home in Terrell, Texas. When a handful of trainers were recommended, Davis’ first call was to the Casey Cox. Davis said he knew right away that Cox was their guy.

 "After meeting Lisa and Casey Cox, we also decided to partner on some bulls with them," said Davis. The passion for bucking bulls spread throughout the Davis household.

 Eric's wife Christy has competed in the ABBI Cowgirl's Futurity, where she won Gonzales. Their youngest of three daughters, Katherine who is also competing in the ABBI's Junior Futurity program. Their two eldest daughters, Kari and Katie, attend Texas Tech in Lubbock. 

 At the PBR’s Iron Cowboy event this year, Casey introduced Eric and his family to the Goetz family and the fine folks of Boots for Troops.

 "The Boots for Troops guys were awesome, and we agreed with Jon and Casey that their charity would be a perfect fit for the Allen event," shared Davis. "It is such a good charity that’s doing important work for our troops and I'm glad we can help."

 “It’s guys like Eric and Jon and their families that really embody what ABBI is about,” said Daugherty. “It's people with a passion for bucking bulls who find a way to get involved regardless of what their background may be. They don’t just support our sport and the animal athletes, they actively work to make their communities better and share the western lifestyle and heritage with others- even those thousands of miles away serving our country.”

 Silvano Alves was also enthusiastic about being able to give back to his adopted country through Boots for Troops. The event’s namesake is a three-time PBR World Champion from Brazil, who is an honorary Texan during the competitive season when he makes his home base the Dallas area. You can learn more about Boots for Troops at To learn more about ABBI and for a full schedule of events visit Tickets for the Allen event may be purchased through

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