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Big News for the Bucking Bull Industry


PUEBLO, Colo. (August 10, 2016) – The bucking bull industry continues to grow, adding more owners and venues for competition on a daily basis. In an effort to better serve those that participate in this exciting industry, American Bucking Bull Inc. (ABBI), Bucking Bull Games (BBG) and United Bucking Bulls, Inc. (UBBI) have announced a collaborative effort to grow the business even more. Together, the three largest event sanctioning groups have plans to create new programs and opportunities that will continue to enhance growth and increase the financial success of breeders and bull owners across the country.


“Working together to bring our members as many opportunities to compete as possible is a shared goal of all three organizations,” shared ABBI Executive Director Jay Daugherty. “We want to continue to increase the value of bucking stock, grow the industry and attract new fans and owners to the exciting sport of bucking bulls.”


The ABBI, BBG and UBBI are excited to announce the creation of a new joint website, Bucking Bull Central ( This website is designed to bring participants together and to further educate visitors about the industry. The new website will offer complete schedules for ABBI, BBG and UBBI events and a Message Board to allow everyone to share ideas and learn more about the industry. A new feature will include easy access to competition bull stats, scores and lifetime bull earnings through for ABBI registered bucking bulls.


The website will also offer bull owners and breeders a free listing to promote their animals and their programs, as well as an opportunity to display animals for sale to the public. Industry news and headlines will also be ready available directly through Bucking Bull Central.


“The bucking bull industry presents a chance for everyone to get involved with bull ownership and competition. From the novice to the most experienced bull owner, everyone can be successful,” explains Randy Schmutz, the general manager of the UBBI. “And we need to work together to continue to expand the opportunities for everyone involved!”


Specifically, Bucking Bull Central is working hard to develop a new uniform Bucking Bull Handicap Scoring System. This will allow organizations to offer a separate competition or Handicap Event, while enabling bulls of differing abilities to compete on an equitable basis. The Handicap Scoring System provides a fair and uniform method to create a Handicap Index for every bull and adjusts the bull’s Index up or down as the bull’s ability improves or declines. This will create another class of events and allow a larger number of bulls to earn money.


Through, Bucking Bull Central will be able to monitor and create a Handicap Index for every bucking bull, by averaging the best three scores of a bull’s last five performances. Currently the Handicap threshold is set at 85 points.


For example: A bull’s latest five bull scores are: 82, 80.25, 82.75, 80 and 82.5. The highest three scores are added together (82.75 + 82.5 + 82 = 247.25) and then divided by 3 for a total of 82.42 points (rounded to 82.5). The Handicap threshold is 85 points, so 85 minus 82.5 would equal a 2.5 point Handicap for this bull. At a Handicap Event, the 2.5 point Handicap would be added to the bull’s score. If this bull receives a score of 83.5 points at a Handicap Event, then an additional 2.5 points would be added to his score for a total of 86 points.


Additionally, the Bucking Bull Central website will promote the ABBI’s and UBBI’s current Youth Scholarship programs, as well as Bucking Bull Games new $100,000 youth scholarship through their new Bucking Bulls for Kids (BBFK) program. All three organizations are excited to see a program in the industry that may pay for one child’s complete college education.


Bucking Bull Games has implemented a certification cost so that anyone can certify a bull into the program that has not won money at an open event as a 2-year-old. To jump start the program, BBG, ABBI and UBBI will each host a sale of 20 certified BBFK bulls. The first sale will be held during BBG’s Preliminary events at Border Town Casino & Arena on Thursday, October 6 at 6pm, and the second sale will be in Las Vegas during the ABBI/BBG/PBR World Finals. The bulls will be bucked and sold at all three sales.

 “Our vision from the beginning has been to provide a payout for a winner that would change that person’s life and we have done that five times(2011-2015) as five different winners have received a check for $500,000," said Billy Jaynes, CEO of the Bucking Bull Games. "It will be even more exciting to provide a college education for some young person. That should impact their life forever.”

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