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 PUEBLO, Colo. (September 21, 2016)- American Bucking Bull Inc. announced today that there will be a change to the current judging system starting at the 2016 World Finals. The names of the six men selected to judge the ABBI World Finals were also released today.


Beginning in Las Vegas on October 29, ABBI will look at the high and low judges and any judge who scores a bull too far from the average consensus will not have his mark count toward the animal’s score. Any high or low judge who has a variance of .75 from the next closest judge will have that score thrown out.


“Judging bucking bulls has always been a somewhat subjective task,” explained ABBI Executive Director Jay Daugherty. “But we have always tried to make it as fair as possible and have never been afraid to change the system. We have mandatory training for the judges and we regularly review their performances. We want the best judges and the best judging system possible in place. We want to minimize the effect human error can have on an event’s outcome.”


For example, in the past if a bull received scores of 21.5, 21.75, 22, 22, 20.75 and 22, they would all be averaged together. Under the new system, the 20.75 will be thrown out and the remaining five scores averaged together. ABBI used an analytical system to review the scores from competitions over the last year to determine what judging changes could be made to most benefit the members, as well as which judges were the most consistent. 


“We studied the work and scores of our judges over the course of the season to determine who would work our World Finals,” said Daugherty. “We had an extremely talented pool to choose from and after reviewing all of their work, we had to narrow it down to just six. I’m proud to announce Royd Doyal, Buddy Reed, Shawn Ramirez, Dean Randolph, JJ Quintana and Robbie Teel will be our judges in Las Vegas.”


These six men will be responsible for awarding over $2.6 million between the ABBI and Exclusive Genetics World Finals. ABBI bulls will buck starting Oct. 29 and going through Nov.5. In addition to judging the ABBI and EG Finals at South Point Arena, these judges will also work the ABBI events held in conjunction with the BlueDEF Finals and the PBR World Finals in Las Vegas.

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