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PUEBLO, Colo. (December 7, 2016)- American Bucking Bull Inc. (ABBI) will be changing the Futurity point system for the 2017 season. At all ABBI produced or sanctioned Futurity events, points are earned based on how an animal finishes -which in turn qualify an animal for the ABBI Regular Season Awards and Futurity Finals event. The winning animal earns the most points, with the scale decreasing through subsequent places. ABBI Futurity bulls are ranked season-long in the standings based on the total points they have accrued.


“We periodically review our points system and we determined that with the increase in sanctioned events, as well as ones we produce ourselves, some changes needed to be made,” said ABBI Executive Director Jay Daugherty. “We always want our system to be as fair as possible and give all bulls an equal shot of making it to Vegas and to earn the year-end bonuses- while also taking into account some events have far more entries, and therefore tougher competition, than others.”


At all 2017 regular and ABBI sanctioned events (such as WSBBA, MBBA, EG, etc.) there must now be a minimum of 12 animals entered to count toward the ABBI standings, unless otherwise pre-approved by ABBI Administration. All ABBI Sanctioned events will start at 750 points for the winner, and will decrease in increments of 10 through the places.


All regular season ABBI Futurity events (including Bordertown/BTCA) will start at 1,000 points and American Heritage Futurity events will start at 1,500. All ABBI events will also decrease in increments of 10.


“With cash, a Big Tex trailer, champion buckles and other valuable prizes on the line, the Futurity is one of the most exciting races we have each year,” explained Daugherty. “We hope this new system encourages as many members as possible to come out and compete while more accurately awarding points to the bulls who rise to the top among the toughest competition.”


ABBI also recently announced that the Futurity bull that wins the Finals will get an additional $10,000 bonus, adding to the excitement of qualifying for the World Finals through the point standings. A sample of the points the Top 5 bulls would earn at  different types of ABBI Futurity events is as follows:

       Sanctioned   ABBI Events   American Heritage
1 750 1 1000 1 1500
2 740 2 990 2 1490
3 730 3 980 3 1480
4 720 4 970 4 1470
5 710 5 960 5 1460








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