ABBI Launches ABHR, a new DNA Registry for Bucking Horse

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PUEBLO, Colo. (May 31, 2016)-American Bucking Bull Inc. (ABBI) is proud to announce the formation of American Bucking Horse Registry (ABHR). ABBI will run ABHR, which will be a DNA Registry for horses similar to what ABBI has in place for bucking bulls.

 “As the world’s leader in bucking cattle DNA registration and, given our dedication to animal athletes, it was time to bring our 12 years of experience to the bucking horse world as well,” said ABBI Executive Director Jay Daugherty. “Our members are firmly rooted in the western lifestyle and rodeo sports, so it only made sense to turn our attention to recording and preserving the bloodlines of the equine stars of rough stock sports.”

 ABBI has over 190,000 bucking cattle registered. The value of bucking cattle has significantly increased since the formation of ABBI, as has the quality of livestock. The ability to track and see which bloodlines work in bucking animals is crucial to the growth and improvement of rough stock sports. It saves owners money in the long run to know which bloodlines consistently produce- taking some of the risk out of breeding programs, as well as increasing the value of the genetics of proven parents their offspring.

 “We want to do for bucking horses what we’ve done for bucking bulls,” concluded Daugherty. “We want to ensure the authenticity of pedigrees, and make these horses more valuable.”

 Whereas there are 11 DNA markers used for verification in bucking bulls, there will be 17 markers tested for horses from a hair sample pulled from the mane. The same state-of-the-art facility that handles all of the ABBI DNA will also handle the ABHR tests. This will allow for the most reliable testing available at the lowest price, just $55 per animal. ABBI members will not need to buy a new membership in order to register horses in ABHR. Breeders and stock contractors who need to join ABHR can do so for $75.

 Visit for registration forms to mail in and for more information. Online registration will be available in the future. You may also call ABBI/ABHR headquarters at 719-242-2747.

 ABHR Mission Statement: Record and preserve the pedigrees of the world’s premier bucking horse livestock while maintaining the integrity and enhancing the value of the breed. Provide beneficial services for ABHR members that enhance and encourage “best practices” in bucking horse ownership, breeding, training and welfare. Generate interest and growth in ABHR through registered horse ownership, membership, education, sponsorship and involvement through marketing, promotion, advertising and publicity of the bucking horse breed and ABHR  benefits and services.  Develop diverse and comprehensive programs that will educate and familiarize owners, members and the general public in the unique heritage and qualities of bucking horse livestock.



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