Big Money in New Sarepta

NEW SAREPTA, Alberta — The fifth stop of 2017 saw 29 Futurity bulls, 18 Derby bulls, and 10 Classic bulls compete on Saturday at the Thompson Ranch in what was the highest paying ABBI Canada event to date.

Gerald and Cody Adamus from the K Rose Ranch took home their first futurity win of the season with 84.25 points earning $4,100 thanks to 509 Uncle Tim. This bull is having a good futurity season, as he took home second place at the Night at the Ranch Futurity in Innisfail, AB in May. KS Livestock’s black bull 568, was 84 points for second place and cashed in for $2,960.

Innisfail's futurity champ, 545 from Nansen Vold tied for third with Hy Kik's 582 at the Thompson Ranch thanks to a score of 82.25 points for winnings of $1,820 each. Rounding out the top five was the trio of the Wild Hoggs/Chmelnyk and Bryant's 592 who sat fourth in the futurity standings coming into competition on Saturday.

Foley Bucking Bulls won the derby with 481 Buck Nasty. The black and white bull posted 86 points which was good for $3,880. Buck Nasty edged second place 405 Shoot Out from the Flying High Rodeo Co which put up 84.25 points for $2,330. Third, the final paying spot in the derby went to Nansen Vold with 439 The Silence for 83 points and $1,550.

In the classic it was K & J Bucking Bulls 6453 Double Did with a cool 87 points being the high scored bull of the evening, pocketing $3,300 for the win. Wild Hoggs/Holowaychuk’s 303 Papa’s Rock Star, bucked for 86.25 points taking home $2,200 for second place. Winners in each event took home a trophy rifle thanks to event organizer Jim Thompson.

Official results from Buckin’ in the Back Yard at the Thompson Ranch in New Sarepta, AB on June 17th, 2017.

Futurity: 1. G&C Adamus/K Rose Ranch’s 509 KR Uncle Tim, 84.25 points, $4,100; 2. KS Livestock’s 568, 84, $2,960; 3. (tie) Nansen Vold Rodeo Co’s 545, 82.25, $1,820; 3. Hy-Kik Ranch’s 582, 82.25, $1,820; 4. Wild Hoggs/Chemelnyk/Bryant's 592, 81.75, $1140.

Derby: 1. Foley Bucking Bulls' 481 Buck Nasty, 86 points, $3,880; 2. Flying High Rodeo Co’s 405 Shoot Out, 84.25, $2,330; 3. Nansen Vold Rodeo Co’s 439 The Silence, 83, $1,550.

Classic: 1. K & J Bucking Bulls' 6453 Double Did, 87 points, $3,300; 2. Wild Hoggs/Holowaychuk’s 303 Papa’s Rock Star, 86.25, $2,200.

Bull Riding: 1. Bryce West on Marks Ranch’s A79 Mad Love A79, 86.5 points, $2,650; 2. Travis Warburton, 84, $1,590; 3. Logan Biever, 72, $1,160.

New Sarepta’s Buckin’ in the Back Yard at Thompson’s Ranch was the fifth futurity of the year on the 2017 ABBI Canada Schedule. Next up is the Arrowwood, Alberta Classic on Wednesday June 21st, 2017.

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