Back-to-Back Futurity Wins for Vold Rodeo


INNISFAIL, Alberta — Last week it was Prince Albert this week, the Daines Ranch. They may be two different places in two different provinces but there’s only been one champion at both of them. That’s Nansen Vold.

Vold even did so with two different two year-old bulls, 577 in Prince Albert and 545 in Innisfail. A pair of promising young stars earning the breeder nearly $8,000 in just over a week.

A bottle-fed bucker from Kendal McDonald took second place and was nearly led out of the arena afterwards. It’s amazing to see something like this if you haven’t yet. These bulls are bred to buck. The score for 578 Moose was 81.25 points to earn Hy-Kik $2,760.

The K Rose Ranch and Wild Hoggs/Chmelnyk/Bryant tied for second spot with 509 Uncle Tim and 528 respectively at 80.5 points for $1,490 each. Ken McGinnis with KS Livestock took the last spot with 80.25 points for $1,060.

Official results from the Night at the Ranch Futurity at the Daines Ranch in Innisfail, AB on May 14th, 2017. 

1. Nansen Vold Rodeo Co.’s 545, 82.25 points, $3,830; 2. Hy-Kik Ranch’s 578 Moose, 81.25, $2,760; 3. (tie) G&C Adamus/K Rose Ranch’s 509 Uncle Tim and Wild Hoggs/Chmelnyk/Bryant’s 529, 80.5, $1,490 each; 5. KS Livestock’s 568, 80.25, $1,060.  

Innisfail’s Night at the Ranch Futurity at the Daines Ranch on Mother’s Day was the fourth futurity of the year on the 2017 ABBI Canada Schedule. Next up on the schedule is the New Sarepta, AB Classic/Derby on June 17th and the Futurity on June 18th.

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