Breeder's Certificate Program

List of Participating Animals

Bull ABBI # Owner
Callicoat Jack 10026405 Russ Renfroe
CHARLIE BULL WARE 10023558 Jan Chadwick
Cover Page 10011627 D&H Cattle Co.
Deja Blu 41/5 10027618 Jeff Robinson
HOT SHOT 10007520 D&H Cattle Co.
I'm A Gangster 10056459 Mike and Cheri Cappello
ROOSTER'S PRIDE 10035519 HX2 Bucking Bulls
THE UNDERTAKER 10022001 5 G Farms
TROUBADOUR 10040918 Cindy Rosser
VOODOO CHILD 10034931 Rhett Beutler
10-5 Crosswired 10030618 D&H Cattle Co./Cliff Wiggins
53 Surefire 10022031 D&H Cattle Co.
Bones 10036480 Thomas Teague
Buckeye 10093036 Box K Cattle, LLC
CODE BLUE 10034926 WW Bucking Bulls/Berger & Struve
CP'S Wardance 10066224 Ben Hailey
GREY DOG 10029858 D&H Cattle Co.
LEGACY 10039844 Bryan Smith
NEON GHOST 10030160 Bryan Smith
Ricky Bobby D13 10051961 D&H Cattle Co.
SHOWTIME 10022997 D&H Cattle Co./Jim Anderson
Time Machine 110 10079655 Hyland Cattle Co.
WHAT I SAY 10022290 Cody Hebert
Speckled Ivory 10071845 Circle T Ranch & Rodeo, Inc
After Party 10055195 Circle T Ranch & Rodeo Inc.
Asteroid 10090114 Circle T Ranch & Rodeo Inc.
Bushwacker 10058008 J. Moreno Bucking Bulls
Chance T18 10080583 Teague Bucking Bulls, LLC
Breakdown 10096277 Vermejo River Ranch
Hell Pony 10075810 Lightning D Bucking Bulls
R287 Closing Time 10114388 Pedone Ranch
43X Magic Train 10113660 Jared Allen's Pro Bull Team
Air Time 10100022 Jared Allen's Pro Bull Team
Come On Baby 10142957 McCoy Ranches
Honey Hush 10134475 Swinging C/Hodges
II Amigo 10136755 Stoltzfus Cattle Co.
Mick E Mouse 10129088 Henry Ranch
Playgun 10142971 McCoy Ranches
Stone Cold Crazy 10140995 Hodges Bucking Bulls
Little Jacob 10138041 Bean Counter Buckin Bulls, LLC
PAGE U28 10067996 D&H Cattle &land Co Inc/Buck Cattle Co/Cheyenne Owens
Time To Shine 755 10159686 Suzie Baker and Seven Sic Bull Co LLC/ Gene Baker
44A Smooth Over 10157170 GT Bucking Bulls
Karaoke 10127770 Jerilyn Harmon's Elite Bulls
Whacked Out 10161856 9A Ranch
173X Hard Twisted 10124713 Rocking P Ranch
Buffalo Scott 10172246 TBR Bucking Bulls
Page 48X 10113663 Nothin' But Try Ranch
Page 561C Hocus Pocus 10190081 D&H Cattle & Land Co. Inc
SB 704 Fontanet Street 10170562 Henderson Ranch
Ridin Solo 10202016 McCoy Ranch

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