2018 ABBI Event Schedule

Subject to Change. As of August 9th

2018 ABBI Schedule City & State Classes Entries Open / Entries Close  
August 11th  Claremore, OK Limited Fut / Regular Fut TBD  
August 11th  Tulsa, OK Classic TBD  
August 11th (Co-Sanctioned) Big Island, VA 2 YO Futurity   Backyard Buckers
August 11th (Co-Sanctioned) Tres Pinos, CA Faultline Bull Showdown ~ Jr Fut / Fut / Derby Budro / Derby Rider / Classic / Maturity EO-07/23 / EC-08/03 Gold Coast Bucking Bulls
August 18th (Co-Sanctioned) Bordertown, OK Yearling Futurity / NW Derby / Classic EO-07/30 @9am BTCA
August 18th (Co-Sanctioned) Challis, ID Futurity / Derby / Classic EO-07/15 / EC 08/04 HDBBA
August 25th (Co-Sanctioned) Bordertown, OK Cowgirl's Futurity / 2 YO Futurity / Derby / Classic EO-08/06 @9am BTCA
August 25th (Co-Sanctioned) Idaho Falls, ID Classic / Futurity EC - 08/10 WSBBA
Aug 31st-Sept 1st Archdale, NC (PBR) Yearling / Cowgirls Fut / Regular Fut / Derby / Classic EO-08/13 @8am / EC-08/20 @12pm  
September TBD (Co-Sanctioned) TBD All Classes   Gold Coast Bucking Bulls
Sept 1st  Belton, TX (PBR) Classic EO-08/13 @8am / EC-08/20 @12pm  
Sept 1st (Co-Sanctioned) Bordertown, OK Under $2K 2 YO Futurity / Under $2K Derby / Under $2K Classic EO-08/13 @9am BTCA
Sept 1st (Co-Sanctioned) Ft. Lupton, CO Yearling / Cowgirl's / 2 YO Futurity   Buckers Unlimited, LLC
Sept 1st (Co-Sanctioned) Colome, SD TBD   MBBA
Sept 2nd (Sanctioned) St. Jo, TX Futurity Team Event EO-08/28 / EC-08/30 @ 5pm Call JD to enter @ 940-372-8736
Sept 7th-8th Springfield, MO Classic / Maturity EO-08/20 @8am / EC-08/27 @12pm  
Sept 8th (Co-Sanctioned) Arlington, MN Yearling / Futurity   MBBA
Sept 8th (Co-Sanctioned) Fort Benton, MT Futurity / Derby / Classic   WSBBA
Sept 15th (Co-Sanctioned) Duncan, OK Yearling Fut Series / Sneak Peek Yearling Fut / Wildcard 2 YO Fut / Cowgirl's Fut  Call Jim McLain for entry info TwoBulls Yearling Feature & ABBI Wildcard
Sept 15th (Co-Sanctioned) Trinity, NC Yearling Futurity / 2 YO Futurity   Backyard Buckers
Sept 15th (Co-Sanctioned) Caldwell, ID Futurity / Derby / Classic EO-08/19 / EC 09/01 HDBBA
Sept 22nd (Co-Sanctioned) Bordertown, OK Buckle Up for Vegas Derby & Classic EO-09/03 @9am BTCA
Sept 29th - 30th (Co-Sanctioned) Bordertown, OK Buckle Up for Vegas Yearling Futurity & 2 YO Futurity EO-09/10 @9am BTCA
Sept 29th - 30th (Co-Sanctioned) Las Vegas, NV Classic / Futurity EC - 09/14  WSBBA
October 8th   WORLD FINALS CUT OFF    
November 2nd - 10th Las Vegas, NV ABBI World Finals EO-10/02 @8am / EC-10/09 @5pm  
City / Classes / Dates subect to change        

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